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Ode to a Runner's Mom

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A runner is given half their raw - genetic - physical ability from their mom; Yet, physical ability is just a small percent of what it takes to be a runner.

Here's a small ode to my mom on her birthday.

  • For every endeavour I have taken, you have never said I can't.
  • You told me that in the grand plan of life, beauty is not important, so I became powerful in mind.
  • You caught me in all of my always gave me fair punishment. It taught me to be clever so I wouldn't cheat life but it also taught me that some things are worth being punished for.
  • I was given the middle name Ruth from your mother. Although you've taught me how to be ruthless when it came to payback.
  • I've never met someone as critical - your critical eye has served me to be tireless in pursuit of excellence.
  • You taught me that being silly is the best remedy to boredom. And that talking animals are a child's best past-time.
  • That as a rule the journey is more fun than the destination.
  • You pointed out that there are always other people who have it worse - always respect your darkest hour with a positive attitude.
  • You told me to trust no one.
  • You taught me that there is always - ALWAYS - more than one way to finish something.
  • Sometimes it's fun to be a little evil.
  • Above all you taught me that a mothers love is undying and unyielding.

I'm a better runner because of my mother.

The Basics:
Todays Run: 5 miles
How was it: energizing. beautiful.
Next Run: Thursday, 3 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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You rule Jemma! And by the sounds of it, so does your Mom! Cheers!!

This is a great entry, I am sure your mom is very proud. She should be! :) There is nothing small about this wonderful ode to your mother.

Thank you for the Ode. By the way, there is 1 person you can trust......

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