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The marathon has become very powerful to me from a female perspective. Starting with the charity that I'm running under - Girls in the Game - to the places I find inspiration (my daughters, other female runners, my mom.) But, I've discovered that running is also a great equalizer between the sexes. I love how down and dirty running can be. To give testament, here are 10 of my personal disgusting (but fun) running truths...

1. Running any distance over 3 miles causes me to sweat in a way that makes it look like I've wet myself
2. I have to put Vaseline under my arms to prevent sports bra chafing.
3. I don't run in runners shorts because my inner thighs chafe.
4. I blow my nose like a farmer while running
5. Hocking a good solid loogie is really satisfying
6. Sometimes said loogie/snot lands on my body.
7. Listening to rap on my play-list with swear words every other second inspires me
8. I have pimples in all places where spandex and my body come into contact during a run
9. The calluses on my feet are hard and won't be removed by a pedicure.
10. When I'm pushing though a sprint, I growl.

To those of you who think women are the 'fairer' sex, think again.

The Basics:
Todays Run: 5.25 miles
How was it: Energetic
Next Run: Thursday, 3 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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Sick! Keep up the good work!

That column makes me afraid to open the door at night....what will I see? My pretty daughter or.....

Ohhhhhh did it again.....don't ever lose the sense of humor (from mom's side of course)

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