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Holy Humidity Batman

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After 2 days of rest, it was time to jump back on the training saddle. I woke early this morning so I could beat the heat. I wore as little as I could while still being free from public indecency charges.

When I opened the garage door, I swore I saw the magic kingdom through the humidity haze. Do floridians train for marathons? If they do, they're of stronger stock than me.

magic kingdom humidity 2.JPG
I did my 3 miles like a good trainee. It wasn't pretty. The sweat on my skin was cloying (I know that's a random word for a blog but it really describes the feeling perfectly). My form and pace - dismal. No nose breathing - all mouth panting. The music was peaceful though. I chose a mix of In grid and Ray LaMontagne.

The best part? My run is done for today.

Cheers to Autumn.

The Basics:
Todays Run: 3 miles
How was it: caliente
Next Run: Wednesday, 6 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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