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Committing To The Right Diet and Nutrition

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We all have them. I have a 3 or 4 of them. I'm talking about those friends that we keep because of their brutal honesty. We can always count on them to tell us what we need to know rather than what we want to hear. You know who I'm talking about. That one friend that will actually tell you that your dress does make you look fat or that your cuffed slacks are out of style. The truth rolls off of their rapier tongues with an innocence that we know is not intended to hurt but to truly be of assistance.

I was talking to one of my truthful friends the other night when they said those three words I hate to hear: "You're too thin." Ugh. The runners curse. I have that runner's build despite my best efforts to beef up with a balanced workout regimen that includes weight lifting.

So, what is the point of this little story? Eat right while you are training for your marathon. I used to workout with a personal trainer that would say: "80% of physical fitness is determined by what you eat. The other 20% is the actual workout." For the record, I don't like the 80/20 rule either. It only works 80% of the time. (Go ahead. You can use that joke. I wrote it myself. I'm sure I'll hear it come out of some comedian's mouth shortly.)

Me giving dietary advice is like a Donald Trump offering hair style tips. We both know what we need to do...we just don't do it.

For me, the two main food groups at the top of the food Toberlone (I mean food pyramid) are coffee and sugar. To be clear...the food pyramid doesn't exist any longer. It's been replaced by a food plate. See below.

Thumbnail image for toboplate.bmp

In any event, I know a few things for certain:
• Everytime I've trained for a half marathon in the past, I've lost weight.
• My friends that have run marathons in the past all lost weight in the training process.

It stands to reason, if I don't eat right while training, I'm going to hear from my honest friend that I've lost too much weight and I don't want to hear those three words again. Besides, that same personal trainer I mentioned earlier told me about the dangers of burning muscle while training. Therefore, I'm committing now and asking you to commit to eating better during your training in the months ahead. Here are some things I plan to do:

• Eat 6-8 small meals per day rather than 3 large meals. This helps keep your metabolism more even throughout the day. When you get hungry, you're body stores fat and tends to burn muscle.
• Eat protein rich foods like tuna, chicken and lean meats. Protein rich snacks include sunflower seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds.
• The new school of thought is that what we eat two days before our long runs is more important than what we eat the day before our long run. If you are going to carbo it two days before your long run. It gives your body more time to absorb and process those complex starches for that long run.

Ok, enough preaching about a good diet. I've got to finish this brownie and get dinner started.

Good running.


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this is really good info. I need to learn the small meal rule because I tend towards larger meals. I didn't know the government moved to a plate rather than a pyramid!?!

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