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During my 13-mile run on Saturday, I spied about ten elk lounging on the forest floor. I've biked, roller-bladed and walked Busse Wood's trails many times, but it's one of the first opportunities where I actually had a good view of Elk Grove Village's namesake.

My experience with running is that it is one of the best ways to FEEL a city. Even if you don't like to jog or run, I highly encourage you to walk the location you're visiting. You see workers on their morning commutes, smell bakeries or the garbage in front of the bars you frequented the night before, you share comradery with other people like yourself - even when you don't speak the same language.

Case in point - the eeriest vacation run I've ever done was in Utica. There's a trail along a canal that is tucked behind farm land. I ran about 5 miles that day - on the 2nd mile in, there was a large hollowed out tree. Inside the hollow was a two foot tall - almost neon - Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear sitting inside watching the trail. I still remember the feeling of oddness when I came upon that sight. Why did someone place him there? Would I ever come upon a sight like that again? Was it meant to make people feel creeped out - or - to have a giggle?

Below are all pictures I've taken while running - bonus points if you can name my location.





The Basics:
Todays Run: 13 miles
How was it: decent for half, hard for the remainder
Next Run: Tuesday, 3 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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