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A Stitch in Time saves Nine

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After Thursday's run, I decided there were two ways I could look towards this morning's 9-mile jaunt. Strategy one: Dead-man Walking. Strategy two: A stitch in time saves nine. I'm not going to lie, strategy one called to me like the Sirens to Odysseus.

You're probably already familiar with strategy one. It happens all the time. Someone envisions a negative outcome, maybe it's being laid off or being dumped. And then, try as they might, they can't escape that fate. It's almost as if every action leads them to their doom. One could argue that they never would have failed in the first place, if they hadn't envisioned the action at all. Does this sound awfully familiar to the scene in the Matrix when Neo bumps into the vase? - I digress

Happily, I decided to go with strategy two. I had no idea what the outcome would be to this morning's 9-mile run. But I did have some preparation I could do; actions that would keep my busy so I wouldn't stray back into strategy one. The past two days, I busied myself to help achieve the best possible outcome. Last night I downloaded some Missy Elliot, Salt & Peppa, and a little bit of Rob Zombie on my Nano. Packed a nutrition bar for the mid-run snack. Found electrolyte water (as prompted by good advice from a college friend.) Set my alarm early to finish prior to the heat.

Did I finish? Hell yeah. And I'll tell you, when I was done, I felt an incredible high. The body felt like all of my cells were working together. The birds clapped for me! Sure, I'm already sore. I immediately iced my knees upon returning home. I have a few more blisters than yesterday. But my heart feels true and my shoulders feel lighter - the exact outcome I had hoped for.

The Basics:
Todays Run: 9 miles
How was it: Controlled. Steady.
Next Run: Tuesday, 3 miles(?)
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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Good job. Glad it is you running and not me.

9 miles! Wow!
Glad you made it through- if you an run nine, you can run 26. Option 2!

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