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During my 13-mile run on Saturday, I spied about ten elk lounging on the forest floor. I've biked, roller-bladed and walked Busse Wood's trails many times, but it's one of the first opportunities where I actually had a good view of Elk Grove Village's namesake.

Aimlessly She Floats

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After today's 3 miles, I have some renewed vigor in my running. Not much, but some. I don't know what I thought it would "mean" to become a runner...but I did have a certain picture in my mind, maybe a picture of a greyhound. A determined breed with a constant eye towards the stuffed rabbit that would always be just out of reach. I figured that much running would make me sleek too....


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It has been awhile since I have last wrote. During this time I have run:

7-21: 3 miles
7-23: 12 miles
7-26: 3 miles
today: 6 miles

But, truth be told, my body and mind are worn out.

Check Your Tread

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There was a radio commercial that aired several years ago that started with this question: "What are the four most important parts of your car?" The announcer went onto say that the answer was "the tires your car rides on." I don't recall the name of the advertiser, but it was either Goodyear, Goodrich or some other tire company.

Traveling in Packs

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Right now there are 40,000 (give or take a few) humans training for the Chicago Marathon. Just as each person is unique, I'm quite positive that every training schedule is different as well. Do you run in a pack, are you a loner, do you like quiet trails or city streets?

Holy Humidity Batman

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After 2 days of rest, it was time to jump back on the training saddle. I woke early this morning so I could beat the heat. I wore as little as I could while still being free from public indecency charges.

Winter is Coming

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Today's 7 mile run was easy. I feel good about it. No walking breaks. No water breaks. Just pure running. Multiply that experience by 4 and a marathon is complete.

But as Ned Stark would say from Game of Thrones...'Winter is coming.'. This past week, my mileage was 18 miles (tues: 3, weds: 5, thurs: 3, sat: 7). My mileage won't be that low again for 12 wees. Here's what I have left:

Ode to a Runner's Mom

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A runner is given half their raw - genetic - physical ability from their mom; Yet, physical ability is just a small percent of what it takes to be a runner.

Here's a small ode to my mom on her birthday.

Over the years, I've run with friends, co-workers, and one or two family members. I've developed some of my closest relationships while logging miles. There are still one or two friends I'd like to spend some time with on the jogging trails. For now, I'll patiently keep working on them to go for a run with me. I might have to be humiliated in a golf game or two to coax a few of them into joining me.

Out of Left Field

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If you run, there may have been times where you imagine yourself as an animal, vehicle or another athlete (or maybe I'm just hoping other people are imagining these things...) For me, there has always been one image that always returns to me whether I'm in spin class or running the trail...a train?!?!!

Time To Rest

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This week I'm going on vacation with my two daughters. It seems that I experience some consistent themes in my life right before I take my annual breather. Stress levels are highest for me right before I take extended time off from work. I typically find myself doing two weeks worth of work in one week. This year that task was made doubly difficult by the fact that the week prior to vacation was a four day work week due to the 4th of July Holiday.

Wear and Tear

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This weekend involved a lot of heat and other words, all that talk of being prepared, patient and ready in my last blog post didn't extend past Thursday. We (me and my partner in crime "Mr. C") started out in Beverly watching a biking circuit race. It was one of the weirder events I've ever seen- a group of men going around a one-mile track in the middle of a quaint neighborhood 71 times. Clearly, as a spectator, you needed beer for an event like this - I did my duty.


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Let me start off by saying...I'm an only child. Those adjectives you hear about only children - bratty, selfish, impatient - can sometimes be true. Throughout most of my life I've been impatient. When I want something, I want it right this gosh darn minute! Logically, choosing to run the Chicago Marathon is not within my basic personality wiring.

I Feel Pretty

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The marathon has become very powerful to me from a female perspective. Starting with the charity that I'm running under - Girls in the Game - to the places I find inspiration (my daughters, other female runners, my mom.) But, I've discovered that running is also a great equalizer between the sexes. I love how down and dirty running can be. To give testament, here are 10 of my personal disgusting (but fun) running truths...

The Sweet Spot

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Today's run should have been like all of those proceeding it; Satisfying when they're over but still hard. In fact, the first 1.5 miles were just that - mouth open, heavy breathing, struggling for a good tempo.

Today we celebrate our independence. As I think about our Founding Fathers, they were a bunch of free thinking, independent radicals. They were true individuals and creative types that went against the grain, challenged the norm and did so without fear or trepidation. They overcame great odds on shear will power and determination.

After Thursday's run, I decided there were two ways I could look towards this morning's 9-mile jaunt. Strategy one: Dead-man Walking. Strategy two: A stitch in time saves nine. I'm not going to lie, strategy one called to me like the Sirens to Odysseus.

We all have them. I have a 3 or 4 of them. I'm talking about those friends that we keep because of their brutal honesty. We can always count on them to tell us what we need to know rather than what we want to hear. You know who I'm talking about. That one friend that will actually tell you that your dress does make you look fat or that your cuffed slacks are out of style. The truth rolls off of their rapier tongues with an innocence that we know is not intended to hurt but to truly be of assistance.

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