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You remember when there was one name for people younger than 18? I think it was something like 'Kid.' Somewhere marketing gurus have found that these names weren't sufficient - now we have newborns, babys, toddlers, pre-schoolers, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and so on. Anyways, my run today was sitting squarely in the young adult section - in other words "omg, that run blew chunks":

1. 'Accidently' stayed up late last night playing on my iPad - missed getting out early enough to avoid a sticky afternoon run.
2. My mp3 player wasn't charged - forced to borrow my daughters. Guess what? I heard Miley Cyrus for 5.25 miles.
3. Decided to do some speed work with sprints, ended up feeling like I was gonna puke. Similar feeling to running ladders in HS basketball (go Lady Rams!)
4. My mind kept returning to a character I admired in the book-The Hunger Games. The teenage character's name is Katniss and thinking about her story makes me remember that being able to run free is a gift-not a curse. Last week I was proclaiming love for the book with my commuter train buddies when one of them turned around and said - "yeah my teenage son just finished that, its a kid's book": Jen's Coolness = Epic Fail!

Today was one of those runs that I had to buckle down and just muddle through - similar to my strategy for high school's social scene.  It was nice to dabble in the teenage life again for an hour today - but when I cracked open my Leinie Summer Shandy, I toasted adulthood.

The Basics:
Today's Run: 5.25 miles
How was it?: tight, crampy, slow, hot
Next run: Tuesday, 3 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game

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