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Me and My Shadow

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Last night my youngest daughter had a 104 degree fever that resulted in an ER visit that didn't end until 1 am this morning. I woke up at 6 am to get her prescription filled. Needless to say, I'm one tired runner today....

But since the show most go on, my 9 year old - Katie (aka my shadow) and I went out after work so I could get in Tuesday's jog. Typically she rides her bike and I run. Interspersed in the silence are mini-conversations. A few snippets below:

K (Katie): Mom, you know what I want to be for Halloween?
Me: No, what?
K: Grapes, you know why?
Me: Why?
K: Because my big toe looks like a big purple grape.

K: Mom, what should my style be next year
Me: Preppy
K: What's that?
Me: Being clean (give a running mom a break, I wasn't prepared to digress on preppy style)
K: No, what else?
Me: Sporty
K: No that's too tight and sweaty. I'm just gonna wear teeshirts and jeans

K: Chandler said that Angel and I were holding hands
Me: I hope you were holding hands
K: What!??! Dude no, I'm not going to have a boyfriend until last year of middle school
K: or maybe not until Highschool
Me: Wise girl

K: Mom, what should I go to college for?
Me: To be a lawyer (which a current friend of mine would say is one of the worst professions to pick, but I still find the profession honorable...if you lived in a society where only the strong won, what would that mean for the weak? and what would that say about society?)
K: Why?
Me: You love to argue.

By the last leg of the 3 miles today, I realized as we were running East, with the sun setting in the West, that I was running in my daughter's shadow. And I smiled.


The Basics:
Todays Run: 3 miles
How was it: Tired, but worthwhile
Next Run: Wednesday, 4 miles
Charity: Girls in the Game
Donate: My Cause

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I think it is really awesome that, during an activity where most people are looking for time alone to de-stress from their day, you are spending time with your daughter. What a great model you are- Thanks for the inspiration!

It sounds great that you run with your daughter. What would make this run complete is a white fuzzy dog.

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