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Wednesdays typically hold a special happiness for me. Its the mid-point of the week and the only way from here is down. The running schedule I've been following is similar- today is the mid size run with the two flanking runs being shorter.

But today just wouldn't flow for me. An early morning work problem, a lunch where I yelled at a friend about whether or not an employee constantly on Facebook should be fired. Add to that management of vendors who are missing deadlines and survivors guilt stress and you have the perfect ingredients for a full on - throbbing - thumping headache.

Where was my clt alt del? It was sitting in my four mile run. Afterwards I took my shower and returned to my office clear-headed. Shot off a few emails and took a deep breath. Its all down hill from here...

The Basics:
Today's run: 4 miles
How was it?: smooth, powerful, quick
Charity: Girls in the Game
Ask me how to donate.

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Exercise is the best way to manage stress. Thanks for the reminder. Although I don't care much for exercise, I care even less for stress headaches! I am really enjoying your blog.

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