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Lately, I've experienced an uncontrollable craving for water. In the morning I wake up and look for the nearest glass. During the day I have anywhere from 1 to 5 bottles sitting in my office. Today for lunch I took the hike from the Sun-Times to my optometrists on Michigan ave and chided myself the whole way for not bringing water. I even opted for good ole H2O over (gasp!) coffee on wednesday morning.

Chris King is a coach with Team In Training (TNT) and trains runners of all experience levels to make their marathon a success. In the weeks leading up to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Chris will offer some essential training tips.


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Wednesdays typically hold a special happiness for me. Its the mid-point of the week and the only way from here is down. The running schedule I've been following is similar- today is the mid size run with the two flanking runs being shorter.

Me and My Shadow

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Last night my youngest daughter had a 104 degree fever that resulted in an ER visit that didn't end until 1 am this morning. I woke up at 6 am to get her prescription filled. Needless to say, I'm one tired runner today....

As I look at my Hal Higdon training program, I notice that there are quite a few 3 mile runs sprinkled among the days with 11 mile, 20 mile and 18 mile jaunts. After a 20 mile trek, a 3 mile run seems like a sprint. 22 minutes and done. You don't sprint a marathon. You need to pace yourself.

When I started running in the mid-70's, the only portable electronic partner was the transistor radio. It was a crude device that received an AM signal and delivered mono sound via a cord and single ear piece. While Larry Lujack and his sidekick Tommy were unrivaled pros at spinning the stacks of wax and entertaining Chicagoland teenagers, this was a less than perfect technology.

Young Adults Section

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You remember when there was one name for people younger than 18? I think it was something like 'Kid.' Somewhere marketing gurus have found that these names weren't sufficient - now we have newborns, babys, toddlers, pre-schoolers, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and so on. Anyways, my run today was sitting squarely in the young adult section - in other words "omg, that run blew chunks":


Today's training called for 3 miles.  That's a snap.  It's a sprint.  Just over 22 minutes then I'm done.  Although it's mind numbing, I'll do short distances like this on a treadmill. 

Marathon Motivation

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Dr. Strassberg stood at the front of my sociology class and asked, "What makes a grown man think jumping from a ten story building is a better idea than standing still?"

By Lance Adeszko  6/23/11


The odyssey nearly ended before it began.  Have you ever seen the original National Lampoon's Vacation movie?  In the opening sequence, the Griswold's are set to leave for their family vacation.  The car is parked in the garage with a carrier on the roof rack loaded with suitcases. 

OK.  Today I turn 51.  At this point in most people's lives they are settled into their careers, family lives and daily routines.   They don't like change.  They don't want change.  They like things the way they are.  For me, change is about to happen.   I made a decision. 



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