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Sixers stick with starting lineup that worked in Game 2

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By Joe Cowley

PHILADELPHIA - The 76ers are hoping that Game 2 was more formula than fluke, and that's why Philadelphia coach Doug Collins went with the same lineup he used against the Bulls Tuesday in Chicago, going with Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday for Game 3.

"I think our preparation is good, we're ready to go,'' Collins said before Friday's game. "Now I think it's just going to come down to execution. I told our guys that the more familiar you get with a team, the harder it is because you know what each other wants to do. It becomes a battle of wills. We talked about all those hustle plays, those 50-50 balls, all those things that come into play. So you've got to execute, and the big thing is you just got to play free. For us, I want our guys to get out there and take the shots we took the other night, run, and do the things we did, and have fun doing it.''

Going off the first two games, first team to 100 points wins.

"They played their game in Game 1,'' Collins said. "Those 20 second-chance points really upped their shooting. They were so efficient. They got into a great rhythm. I thought we did such a great job disrupting their rhythm in Game 2, which created rhythm for us. When we got them out of our rhythm and sort of got into our rhythm we were able to clean up the boards and get out in the open court. We had 25 fast-break points. When we score like that the game is easier for us.''

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