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Defiant Derrick Rose says he'll play vs. Knicks

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Tom Thibodeau says Derrick Rose's availability for Sunday's game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden is a game-time decision.

Rose said it's not Thibodeau's decision to make.

"It's really not up to him. It's up to me," Rose said. "If I'm feeling good I'm going to play. If I feel I need some more days I'll take some more days. More than likely, I'll be out there."

A full-scale practice Saturday morning at the Berto Center was the latest test to the groin injury that has benched Rose for 12 straight games. The All-Star point guard has been increasing his activity level in recent days and has not reported a setback. He has now played three-on-three, chased speedy John Lucas III around defensively and practiced with the starters.

"It feels good practicing with the guys, interacting them," he said. "I ran the play sets again. To be practicing, it feels great. I feel like a basketball player again."

Thibodeau said he'll have an idea of how much he wants Rose to play in his first game. After that, game situations will help dictate his minutes.

"You won't know until he gets out there because of the amount of time he has missed," Thibodeau said. "He's never missed an extended amount of time like this before. Every other time he has come back he gets up to speed pretty quickly. He's been putting a lot of extra time in so hopefully he'll be ready when he goes out there."

Rose said he will have as much input as Thibodeau into how much he plays.

"If I do choose to play it's up to me," Rose said. "If it's a close game, no matter how many minutes I play, I'm going to want fight somebody to be out there."

Rip Hamilton has played two games since returning from a shoulder injury. He played 19 minutes, 49 seconds in his debut against the Rockets and 20:03 in a win over Boston.

"There's no restriction on his minutes as he continues to play more and his conditioning comes around," Thibodeau said. "He has missed significantly more time than Derrick. It's different. But the way he's practicing tells me he can handle more but we'll see. Performance is part of it, too."

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Great news!
Having Rose back in the game will help the Bulls effectively set up plays, better then Lucas and Watson do.
I dont say i will not miss Watson's plays and Lucas being out there, but Rose certainly gives us much more show and agression on the floor.
Seeing both Rose and Hamilton out there makes me slightly nervous, since they havent played alot and might need to get into their usual groove.

Overall, im excited seeing the full squad against the Knicks!

When D. Rose got his extension earlier this season, he said the money would not change him. Lately, with some of the comments he's been making I'm starting to wonder of fame is indeed changing him. I hope note.

wtf are you talking about? the comments that he stated pertaining to him playing are factual...not arrogance. He has been cleared by the medical staff and Tom Tibby after the fist practice. So at this point If he plays or doesnt all depends on what he tell the medical staff after this recent practice. Same thing applied to RIP. IF he didnt feel like playing last night hen he wouldnt have played.

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