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76ers won't change focus with Derrick Rose out

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Entering their playoff series with the Bulls, the 76ers coaching staff gave its players one directive above all and ironically it had nothing to do with Derrick Rose.

Philadelphia's primary focus was and still remains rebounding the ball, something that focused their attention on the Bulls' big men. So while Rose's injury will change the Bulls' game, the 76ers game plan will remain the same.

"The key is still going to be rebounding," 76ers head coach Doug Collins said. "They're 18-9 without Rose so they won 67 percent of their games without him.

"They've beaten a lot of good teams [without Rose]. This [Game 2] is going to be a very emotional game for them. They're going to come out, I'm sure, trying to hit us hard early and I said the first five minutes will be emotion and the next 43 will be execution."

Rose's ability to break down defenses often makes it easier on the Bulls to get second chance points and offensive rebounds. But 76ers guard Evan Turner think that Bulls center Joakim Noah is the focal point.

"I never really though about it [Rose's roll in rebounding] to tell you the truth," Turner said. "I just know Noah tries to get every offensive rebound possible. So that's all you really think about.

"Rebounding is about how bad you want the ball and Noah definitely has a desire to do his job and get extra possessions."

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