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Dwight Howard wants spotlight

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Orland Magic center Dwight Howard wouldn't comment on where he'd like to end up if he is traded by the March 15 trade deadline.

But comments he made at his team's shoot around Thursday at the United Center indicate that Chicago may be out of the running.

"I think everybody wants to be that guy to take the last shot," Howard said. "Be that guy that everybody is leaning on for whatever reason and I don't think there's any problem for wanting to be that guy. I've been that guy for this team since I've been here and my whole life I've been in a position of leadership."

With Chicago's favorite son, Derrick Rose, locked up long term, Howard would have to share that spotlight at a minimum.

Howard's comments seem to fall in line with some reports that he has been urged by Adidas to stay away from Chicago. Adidas has both Rose and Howard signed to endorsement deals and it has been reported that they wouldn't want their two most marketable NBA players in the same city.

But basketball and marketability aside, Howard said that while he has been in Chicago he hasn't imagined what it'd be like to play here.

"Nah, it's pretty cold here," Howard said.

There isn't anything stopping the Bulls from trading for Howard. But if he's unwilling to sign a contract extension with the Bulls, his price tag would be too high. His current contract expires after this season and the Magic would likely want young players locked up long term and draft picks.

It seemed for the Magic that March 15 couldn't come sooner. Head coach Stan Van Gundy wouldn't comment on the situation and Howard seemed empathetic toward his teammates.

"It's very tough for our team, for myself to just stay in that moment which is what we got to control on the court," Howard said. "But while you're on the court you hear everybody in the stands saying certain things and then when things don't go well, people start talking about it."

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Somebody show Dwight Howard a map. I think he's a little confused on where New Jersey is. Last time I checked, it gets "pretty cold" there as well.

Dwight has never been the guy to take the last shot at the end. When the Magic made their run to the finals, it was Turkoglu.

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