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Derrick Rose frustrated by lack of calls

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Derrick Rose's frustration was obvious. He drove to the basket time and again and drew contact but no foul was called.

At one point, he complained to the officials about the Knicks setting illegal screens. Again, no call.

"I've got to be the only superstar in the league going through what I'm going through right now," Rose said after Monday night's win over the Knicks at the United Center.

The difference in a closely contested game at halftime was free throws. The Knicks got to the line 21 times in the first half and converted 15. The Bulls were 7 of 11 and trailed 50-48. It evened out in the second half but Rose still believes he's not getting the respect he deserves from officials.

"I was mad because they weren't calling any calls the whole game," Rose said when asked about the angry look on his face after an empatic dunk with 6:02 left. "That's probably the reason why."

When asked he thought his comments would draw a fine from the league, Rose said: "I could care less right now."

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First of all, Derrick, it's "I couldn't care less." If you could care less that means you do care, genius. Second of all, try not to be such a whiny little baby. Literally every NBA team sets illegal screens every single night. You are not the only one to go through being fouled a bunch in a game, though you certainly do cry about it enough.

The way he and westbrook take a running start and jump into other players. What is he complaining about. He should foul out with offensive charges.

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