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Corbin doesn't understand criticism of Carlos Boozer

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Former DePaul standout and current Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin can't understand why Carlos Boozer has been the target of so much criticism since coming to the Bulls.

Corbin was an assistant for Utah during Boozer's six seasons with the Jazz.

"I worked with him for all the time he was in Utah, and some of the stuff that I heard about him after being here, I didn't understand," Corbin said. "The guy came in to work every day. He was great with our group of guys. He came in early before games to get himself ready to play. If his shot wasn't going in, he stayed after to work. He would come in and work extra. Great teammate. Versatile guy. You could put the ball in his hand and [he would] make plays. He was a big-game guy for us. He's a tremendous player and a great guy. I wish him well. We really enjoyed his time we had with him here in Utah."

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I don't understand it either. He puts up decent numbers in only 30MPG. Of course he isn't very good defensively, but he is still an offensive force who always shoots well over 50% from the field. Listening to most Bulls fans though, you'd think he's the worst player in the NBA.

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