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Sitting out fourth quarter news to Derrick Rose

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Tom Thibodeau said that keeping Derrick Rose on the bench during the fourth quarter of Sunday's All-Star game was something the two had "predetermined" before the game, which was news to Rose.

"At times I wanted to get in there but Thibs just didn't put me out there," Rose said. "He was worried about my back. I didn't know and I didn't ask him."

It's obvious Rose wants to quit being asked questions about the bask spasms that sidelined him for five games. He insists he has completely recovered and said he didn't receive treatment for it during All-Star weekend.

"I don't have any pain --- nowhere," Rose said. "I feel good."

Rose also said that while he can dance he didn't think it was appropriate to dance during introductions like other players.

"That's just not me," he said. "There's a time and place for all that. At that time I didn't feel like dancing."

When asked if he was concerned about cameras capturing him smiling at the All-Star Game, Thibodeau said: "I am concerned about that. It kills the image."

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