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Despite loss, Bulls in great position

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BOSTON --- The Bulls finished the third longest road trip in team history at 6-3. Their brutal early season schedule is about to turn. The Bulls have played more road games then any other NBA team. They have also played 10 of the 18 back-to-back games on the schedule, including their only stretch of three straight games, and they have more wins than any other team.

What the Bulls face from here on out more resembles a normal NBA schedule. In other words, the Bulls have put themselves in a great position.

"In some ways I thought when the schedule came out and we were trying to analyze what everything meant, being on the road early was good for us in the sense that it allowed us to spend a lot of time together," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. "We didn't have the practice time we would've liked but in many ways it was good. It was 20 of the first 30 on the road and now we'll head back and we'll have the opportunity to practice more, less back to backs. You start off with the end in mind. You want to make sure you're playing your best basketball at the end of the season and you want to make sure you're as healthy as possible."

While the Bulls are looking forward to going home, they hardly consider the road trip a rousing success.

"We wish we wouldn't have lost any of them," Carlos Boozer said. "We could be undefeated. To have seven losses is tough because we think we could've won them all."

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