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Derrick Rose denies he tried to broker trade

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Derrick Rose said a report that he gave management his blessing to trade Carlos Boozer and perhaps another player to the Lakers for Pau Gasol is false.

"That's something I would never say to anyone, that I need someone to come to this team, trying to get rid of someone on this team," Rose said before Wednesday night's game against the Bucks. "That's all false. It's something I would never do."

Rose said he addressed the report briefly with Boozer but the power forward understood the report was false.

"I'm good with the teammates I have," Rose said. "I've been saying that. We've been winning games. We're not in position to trade anyone right now."

Rose said his back is feeling fine although he will continue to see a chiropractor this season and will also continue with the stretching program that he says has helped keep him loose.

"I'm good, he said. "I don't feel any pain in my back. My hamstring isn't tight. I'm loose. I feel good. Fatigue is another thing."

Rose admitted that he felt the effects of missing five games when he returned to score 23 points against the Hawks on Monday.

"Even missing a few days can mess up your conditioning," he said. "Not playing for a week, that can definitely throw off your game. I'm surprised I hit some of the shots I hit without doing anything with contact for that long."

As for not talking to reporters after Monday's game, Rose said he couldn't face more questions about his back.

"I wasn't frustrated I was just tired of talking about my back," Rose said. "I just needed a break. I'm sorry but I needed a break."

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