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Vogel fires back at Rose, Bulls

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The Heat aren't the Bulls only rival. Rose said he couldn't wait to play the Pacers again after Indiana players celebrated at the United Center after defeating the Bulls 95-90 on Wednesday. Pacers coach Frank Vogel fired back Monday during an interview on ESPN Radio.

"I don't know if we really celebrated any more than a lot of teams celebrated when they get a road win," Vogel said. "I know they've got a couple guys on their team who celebrate on every play. I just think it's the thrill of victory.

"If they want to add some spice to the rivalry we welcome that. Rivalries are fun. Winning is fun. It's all good."

Bulls players late said they could hear the Pacers celebrating from their locker room.

"There is a little dispute about how much we really celebrated," Vogel said. "We were excited. We're excited every time we get a win. In particular any road win and against a team that we struggled to close out some games against last year in the playoffs but also a team that had won 25 out of 26 home regular season games.

"So to go in there on the second night of a back to back after coming off the West Coast, it was a huge win for us."

The Bulls next face the Pacers on March 5 in the United Center.

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1 Comment

This isn't a rivalry, and the Pacers are of no concern to us. They're trying to gain some attention and nobody really cares.

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