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Bulls complete rare practice at Berto

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The Bulls held just their second practice since Christmas day on Thursday, which gives you an even better idea of just how hectic their schedule has been.

It wasn't coach Tom Thibodeau's typical three-hour grinder, either, but half that.

"The hardest thing is you can't go to long," Thibs said. "There's a lot of things you want to work on that need to be worked on but you don't have the time. So you have to prioritize the things that you want to get done, the things that may need the most work and start there. Tomorrow we'll maybe address one of the other areas but it's constant. Some things you can address in the film sessions, some things in the shootaround and then some things are best addressed right through regular practice. We did a little bit of everything today and touched on some things that we really need to clean up. But I think that offensively the first thing that goes is your timing and spacing and the only way you can correct that is through repetition and you really need to be out on the floor to do that. "

Thibs said it's easier to go so long between practices when your team has a work ethic.

"I've always said this: We're fortunate to have the right guys" he said. "Their attitude and approach is great. They come in each and every day, they give you everything they have, their concentration level has been very, very good and they've prepared themselves well for this season. Without us having contact with them they did a great job of conditioning in the offseason and then in the fall and into the winter because we weren't playing until mid-December. It's a credit to them."

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