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Thibs wants fewer turnovers, easier baskets

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The Bulls had 20 turnovers in Monday night's loss that the Warriors turned into 20 points. After watching the film, coach Tom Thibodeau said the Warriors defense was as responsible as his team's miscues.

"You have to give Golden State credit," he said. "That's who they are. They are a steal-strip type team. If you're not strong with the ball they create turnovers. They're active, they're quick, you have to anticipate what they're doing and hit the first man in front of you and be strong with the ball. Those are things we have to correct."

Thibodeau emphasized cutting down on turnovers during Wednesday practice at the Warriors facility in downtown Oakland.

'We want to run," he said. "We have to get easier baskets. A couple things. Part of it is our defense, rebounding and getting the ball out to run. The other part of it is we've got to take care of the ball. In the first quarter, we were so careless with the ball we put them in the open floor and they got the easy baskets. For us, we've got to take care of the ball, run, get easy baskets and if they get three defenders back flow into the secondary action and then run your plays. But we've got to do a much better job of taking care of the ball."

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