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Kyle Korver hopes to be upgrade at 2-guard

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Kyle Korver knows the Bulls are in the market for a shooting guard. He also knows that acquiring another player at his position could radically change his role.

"That's the position I'm playing," Korver said Thursday at the Berto Center. "I listen to it. It motivates you. You try to be better. We'll see what happens. We'll see who they bring in. Whoever they do bring in, I'll be all for. It's about winning a championship."

Korver spent his offseason trying to improve the weaker areas of his own game with hopes that his role will grow beyond being a 3-point shooter off the bench when training camp opens today.

"Becoming a better defender is something I worked on a lot," he said. "Side to side movements. A lot of times in the playoffs, they put more size on Derrick [Rose] and a point guard on me so I worked on my post-up game because I want to be able to take that guy down low. It's something I did earlier in my career. The last few years, the teams I have been on, it wasn't something we looked at so I didn't work on it much the last few years."

Korver is a catch-and-shoot player who frequently gets the ball off screens. Therefore, he hopes to have added wrinkles to that part of his game, as well.

"I felt like last year I was either shooting the ball or passing the ball really quickly," he said. "I kind of got in the mindset of I have to make the decision right away. I worked on coming off and taking my time and seeing that there are different options and plays I can make. I'm not trying to be a three-or four-dribble guy but a one- or two-dribble guy in creating space and step-backs and things like that."

As Korver noted, it has been a long time since any of the of Bulls have played competitive basketball, which is the only way to know whether all his offseason work will bear fruit.

"It's one thing to do it in a gym by yourself with one other guy," he said. "It has been a long time since we played five-on-five basketball. It will be exciting to see how that carries over to the season."

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