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Joakim Noah talks Tim Tebow

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Joakim Noah knows who he will be rooting for when the Denver Broncos and quarterback Tim Tebow host the Bears on Sunday.

"You've got o show Timothy a little love here," Noah said of his fellow ex-Florida Gator. "For all the haters out there, you've got to know the guy is kicking ass, making me very proud to be a Gator boy."

Noah said he and Tebow had a class together when they were both students at Florida.

"The guy is the real deal," he said. "He's very humble guy, and somebody whose teammates love him. They battle for him. He might not throw the ball great, and that's all anybody wants to talk about, but you know what? At the same time, people really underestimate the fact that his guys really go to bat for him. It was the same way at Florida. I can see it's the same way in Denver."

Noah said he's not surprised that Tebow has become a lightning rod the likes of which the NFL has perhaps never before seen.

"It's a beautiful story," he said. "He is who he is. There is no lie about who he is. He's comfortable.

"Me, personally, I have completely different beliefs than him, but at the same time I respect the fact that he speaks his truth. He's a warrior, a winner. At the end of the day, his teammates respect that. I love that. He might not be the best or a guy with that much hoopla around him, but if he wasn't a real person maybe his teammate wouldn't respect him that much."

Noah calls Tebow "Timothy" and said he sometimes salutes his former Florida alum.

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I like that Joakim calls him Timothy... Timothy means HONOR GOD!

We should all HONOR GOD and quit wearing clothes with the name of the pagan goddess NIKE on us!

Joakim may not believe in Jesus Christ... but Timothy and I do... and we know that Jesus Christ died an agonizing death to show us God's love.

So here is my question... Why are Christians wearing the name of the pagan goddess NIKE?

Christ died to set us free from Paganism!

Some popular Christian athletes even endorse NIKE!

Give me a break!

That is completely insulting to GOD!

HONOR GOD and no others!

It is suppose to be that the defense was tremendous, but there is the intangible "phenomenon Tebow". I guess that deserves discussion about what the Broncos record would have Kyle Orton continued to play. It looked like a losing team with Orton. The D is great, but Tebow say what someone should get some credit for the 7-1. QB is usually judged by victory and defeat plain and simple. The numbers may not be there but the most important. Now this could be the Trent Dilfer argument again, but these reimbursements fourth quarter just make the discussion more interesting.anyway, for more news, we can visit thanx

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