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Everybody will help guard Kobe Bryant

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LOS ANGELES --- Just who will guard Kobe Bryant when the Lakers host the Bulls today at Staples Center was a closely guarded secret until coach Tom Thibodeau showed his hand Saturday.

How will guard Kobe? It might be easier to say who won't.

"A guy like Kobe, Rip [Hamilton] will get a shot at him, Ronnie [Brewer] will get a shot at him, Loul [Deng] is going to get a shot at him and our team is going to have to provide the support that's necessary. You can't guard guys like that one-on-one. You have to get the appropriate help. You have to get back, get set.

"What makes Kobe so hard to guard is even when he's not shooting well he can score so many different ways. The way he moves without the ball, the way he posts up, the way he cuts, he crashes for offensive rebounds, great shot fake off the dribble. He gets in the air, he gets to the line. He puts constant pressure on your defense. Our team is going to have to handle it. You can't overcommit to him because he's such a great passer. You have to get the appropriate help. You have to get it back out. You have to have the effort and mentality. We've got to make sure our defense is tight."

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