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Carlos already hearing Boo-zer birds

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Even though the Bulls were on the road, Carlos Boozer heard hecklers at Conseco Fieldhouse during the first exhibition game.

"They have good fans here," Boozer said afterwards. "Some are funny. Some of them are not so funny."

Derrick Rose said anyone disappointed in Boozer's performance in the exhibition opener should remain patient. Boozer has seven points and six rebounds in the win.

"They're reading too much into it," Rose said. "If they looked at me, I had a terrible game. You know how Chicago people are. They just expect the best out of everyone and try to push everyone but Booze is fine. He's in here working, rebounding the ball, going hard. He lost a lot of weight. He's definitely making a push for it."

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1 Comment

its just Deng haters with nothing to do.spoiled from the Jordan years probably. I like booz, i like his game, nice mid range, bangs, rebounds, real high IQ. okays so we've seen him struggle mostly, even more reason to cheer the big guy on. i dont know maybe its just me, but i was ready to roll with keith this year. GO BULLS ! Pacers SUCK !

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