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Bulls ... waiting on ... Rip Hamilton

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Rip Hamilton has officially cleared waivers, an NBA source has confirmed, and is officially a free agent.

That said, the former Pistons standout is not expected at the Berto Center on Wednesday. He is expected to sign a two-year, $10 million deal with the Bulls perhaps as early as Thursday, although he tweeted Tuesday that he will choose between three teams.

"I haven't heard of any," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said after the first of two practices at the Berto Center on Wednesday when asked if there had been any new additions. "I haven't seen my GM."

Later, when general manager Gar Forman was asked if there was any pending news, he shook his head --- "no."

When asked how Hamilton could help the Bulls assuming the signing occurs, Thibodeau said: "Until he gets here, we're not even going to talk about it."

Hamilton joining the team doesn't change the fact that Ronnie Brewer has been having a great camp, according to center Joakim Noah.

"As players we can't really control what they're doing upstairs," Noah said. "If he comes he would be a great addition to our team and he's obviously a heck of a player. But Ronnie has been having a great camp right now and guys have been playing really well. So we're just focused on what we're doing right now."

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Oh well, looks like Bulls will get burned again, me thinks the Bulls need to change their strategy. Other players always bait the Bulls into thinking they will sign with them but because the Bulls are so cheap they end up getting options B and C and D, they never get option A, Bulls have always gotten lucky whenever they have had success. when it comes time for Coach Thibedeau to get his new contract Bulls won't pay him what he's worth then he will end up coaching the Lakers.

Same thing with the Bears the don't spend money on great offensive players, they want everything around defense which is not bad but they need to do more on offense.

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