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Bulls mania in high gear

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The Bulls haven't even played their first game yet and already Bulls mania is gripping Chicago.

Tuesday night's exhibition finale on ComCast SportsNet was the highest-rated preseason game Chicago regional sports network television history. Wednesday, thousands of fans attended the team's annual "Paint the Town" event at Northbrook Court hoping to get an autograph or a word with their favorite player.

Derrick Rose drew the biggest crowd as fans chanted "MVP, MVP."

"It was breathtaking when you walked in there," Rose said. "It really touched guys. It was my first time being around something like that when I wasn't overseas. It was unbelievable."

Rose said it's nice to see Chicago embracing the team like it did during Michael Jordan's career.

"In high school I remember being in the family room with family members and the Bulls were on and we weren't watching the game," Rose said. "Now, it feels great when people come up to me and tell me their spouses and relatives watch the Bulls because you're all playing great. It feels good. Just for Chicago to have something to brag about, that's what this is all about, just feeling good in my home town. I know the players feel good from people treating them like real stars and appreciating them. We can't ask for anything more."

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