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Brown likes what Hamilton brings to Bulls

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Ask Mike Brown how he plans to defend Derrick Rose and he sounds a lot like Tom Thibodeau talking about he the Bulls plan to defend Kobe Bryant.

"It's going to be tough to stay in front of him but it won't be one guy doing it," the first-year Lakers coach said. "It will be a team effort. In our system, five guys guard the basketball, not this guy guards that guy. Obviously, you have responsibility when you're matched up with a man but whoever is matched up with Derrick Rose is going to need help because he's a great player."

Brown is impressed with the Bulls and thinks they will make a deep playoff run for the second straight season.

"Luol Deng has shown the capability of carrying these guys," Brown said. "You talk about Carlos Boozer. A guy nobody speaks about is Taj Gibson. You have to mention Rip Hamilton. Watching him in the preseason he looks like he has a renewed energy on both ends of the floor. This is a deep team. They are very, very well coached. Don't look for their season to end anytime soon."

Brown knows Hamilton from his years of coaching the Cavaliers and believes he helps the Bulls.

"He adds another threat on both ends of the floor," Brown said. "He wasn't really known as a defender but when he wants --- back in the day with Larry Brown especially --- he can get after it defensively. They put him on LeBron at times and nobody is going to stop LeBron but he gave LeBron fits and he gave us fits because he was smart enough and quick enough and long enough to get up and pressure LeBron as he brought the ball up the floor once in a while.

"Offensively, he's got to be one of the best --- if not the best --- guys at coming off of pin downs. He gives them another dimension because he's in their lineup and they got a guy like that coming off the bench in Kyle Korver. He brings a lot to the team as well as a championship mentality."

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