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Bulls -Warriors postgame reaction

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After the Bulls had their six-game winning streak snapped with a 101-90 loss to the Golden State Warriors Saturday night at Oracle Arena - their worst loss since a 12-point loss at Boston on Dec. 3 - there really wasn't much to say in the locker room post game.

Coach Tom Thibodeau on if the light schedule (two games in seven days) was a factor in the team appearing out of sorts:

"The challenge is to be ready to play no matter what the circumstances are. Sometimes it's back-to-back and sometimes you're off for three days and then you play. The challenge is to make sure you have that edge right from the start no matter what you're faced with.

"I thought we eased into the game and I thought it was an offensive game to start and when you do that against a team like this you're asking for trouble."

Derrick Rose had his worst game in quite a while with 14 points, 10 assists and nine turnovers for nearly a dubious triple-double.

"We were just out of sync," Rose said. "They doubled kind of weird. They had two people on one side making sure that when I came off the pick two people were on me. If I made the slip pass, someone was sticking Carlos [Boozer].

"It was just tough, a tough night, but we'll get used to it. I know coach is gonna go over it the next time we have shootaround of practice."

Thibodeau, though, didn't agree that the Warriors' traps were the issue.

"I don't know if the traps were successful," the coach said. "Our turnovers came from over dribbling and dribbling into a crowd. They were collapsing on dribble penetration. When we made the simple plays and just hit the open man, that's how we scored effectively. We scored the ball for the first three quarters and then we struggled to score."

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I live in the Bay Area and was at the game. Golden State played probably its best defensive game of the year, and Carlos Boozer was the only Bull who did anything offensively. Derrick Rose was terrible, turning the ball over nine times. Golden State's offense came off its defense, with a lot of fast break points. I was really surprised that they played that well defensively, didn't expect that at all.

This was a game where the Bulls sorely missed Joakim Noah. Kurt Thomas was left unguarded at the beginning of the game and made some open shots, and Kyle Korver made his first three shots for eight points. But after that, the Bulls got nothing from those two and there was no one for Rose to go to other than sometimes Boozer. I think this would have been a different game if Noah had started instead of Thomas. While Noah isn't a big scorer, he's an excellent passer who will get a lot of second chance points and will score if left unguarded.

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