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Rose diagnosed with ulcers

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Derrick Rose didn't practice again on Thursday, but he was at the Berto Center and dropped a surprise afterward when he revealed he had been diagnosed with two stomach ulcers.

"It was kind of crazy because at first when my stomach was hurting I thought I was coming down with something," Rose said. "My family was worried about it, but I'll be all right.

"I guess it's from eating too much spicy food or something like that, because I love spicy food. I think I've been eating well besides the spicy food."

Rose said he first started experiencing heartburn on Monday, but things got so bad Tuesday night that he couldn't sleep and thought he was having a heart attack or something, so he called trainer Fred Tedeschi.

Rose missed practice and was at Rush-University Medical Center on Wednesday undergoing tests when the ulcers (one regular sized and one small) were discovered.

"It's real painful for me to eat, drink, swallow and all that stuff," he said. "But they gave me some medication for it and that's what I'm taking right now."

Despite missing the last two days of practice, Rose said he is hoping to participate in the team's shootaround on Friday and play that night against the Orlando Magic at the United Center.

"I haven't been able to eat anything, so my energy is low," he said. "But I should be all right."

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Ulcers are caused by a bacteria. I had the same procedure in 1994 and in 1997 the medical community announced the discovery that bacteria, not spicy foods or stress causes ulcers.

If stress were the cause, then growing up on Chicago's south side (like I did), not winning or losing would be the most likely culprit.

Researchers found years ago that most stomach ulcers are caused by a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori. Spicy food is irrrlevant. Rose needs to be tested immediately for this bug and most likely given antibiotics to kill it. I'd like to know what "medication" Rose is taking for the ulcers. How about some better-informed and more informative reporting?

Spicy food doesn't cause ulcers. The acid in your stomach is way stronger than spicy food. But you certainly shouldn't eat spicy food if you have ulcers.

I hope that D is getting better medical advice than what this column reported.

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