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Boozer out 8 weeks

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The Bulls announced today that Carlos Boozer sustained a fracture on in his right hand on Saturday and will undergo surgery. He is expected to be sidelined eight weeks.

The injury occurred on Saturday when the Bulls didn't practice. The team didn't release any details of how it happened, but a source said Boozer told the team he tripped over a bag at his house.

If Boozer is sidelined eight weeks, he would miss all of the preseason and the first month of the regular season.

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hahahahahah now you know how we felt for 6 years in utah hahahahah way to take the jazz worst defensive player and most injury prone player in the league.... thank you BULLS WE LOVE YOU IN UTAH

I knew Boozer was going to get injured. Wow. He is so predictable. Out 8 weeks before the season even starts. I'm sure this will be another injury plagued season for boozer. If the Bulls are healthy they could compete for a championship with anybody. D Rose is the truth and he is only getting better. They paid way too much for Boozer and everybody thought he was going to get injured and now he is.......

Thank God for guaranteed contracts! I hope he gets well soon, the Bulls still gonna suck in my opinion, but we'll see. Everyone is saying they could make the eastern conference finals, I don't see it, with or without Boozer. Here is a great article by a disappointed bulls fan.

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