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Rose back tracks on T-Mac

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After campaigning for the signing of Tracy McGrady a week ago, Derrick Rose had a different reaction Thursday when I asked him if he was upset now that it appears the Bulls have little interest in McGrady.

"No, not really," Rose said after conducting a basketball camp at Joy of the Game in Deerfield. "Like I said before anything, I'm cool with the team I have right now. I think we have good youth on the team. We should be all right.

"If [McGrady] comes or if he doesn't, we should be able to compete out there. That's up to the Bulls."

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He's learning politics.

By the way, I heard that LeBron my not suit up in Cleveland for games due to security concerns. (Pardon the Interruption)

rose must not really want him on the team, because him being the star, if he's behind a player, more than likely the organization will also.

Why are you trying to make the kid look bad--he didn't (backtrack), he repeated the same thing he said the first time. You writers will BOLDLY headline anything, won't you.

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