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McGrady: Workout went well

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Tracy McGrady completed his workout at the Berto Center this morning and said it went well.

"I love the city," McGrady told reporters as he was leaving. "It's a first-class organization. What's not to like about the Bulls?

"I had the opportunity [to join the Bulls] back in 2000, but I chose to go back home. It's full circle again and here I am."

McGrady is a free agent and he has made it clear the Bulls are his first choice.

But even though it won't take much money to sign the former All-Star -- probably less than $3 million for the upcoming season -- the Bulls will have to be convinced of two things before making a contract offer:

First, they have to see proof that McGrady, 31, is healthy enough to play again at a high level following microfracture surgery a year and a half ago. McGrady believes he did that during the workout.

Secondly, he has to convince them that he is willing to accept a lesser role and won't cause problems if he doesn't get the playing time he thinks he deserves. He will get his chance to do that this afternoon when he has lunch with the Bulls' brass.

McGrady said he is, but doesn't think it will come to that because he is physically better now than he was last season.

"This was a great team, a pretty good team, without adding myself and Carlos Boozer, and some of the key players that they added this offseason," he said of the Bulls. "You bring a coach in like [Tom] Thibodeau, who's very defensive minded, very smart and knows the game, knows what to get out of his players.

"I think we can be really good, I really do."

We? He is confident the Bulls will sign him.

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sign him

McGrady would be a good move. With the players they already have in place they can bring him along slowly and by January when everyone is looking for help he is already in place no transition time and another arrow in the quiver for the stretch run and the playoffs.

If he's healthy, great, sign him. If not, I don't think we take the chance. The 2nd issue to me is a non-issue because there SHOULD be a little comp at the 2. It's not like Ronnie Brewer is an all star...yet. And it's not like we are going to sign T-Mac to a max deal. Let him prove it to us.

He already made the comment that, he won't mind coming off the bench, but thats not his goal. Which is an ok way of thinking, nothing wrong with setting goals. I don't mind if we give him a spot on the roster, but if he starts that cry baby pouting on the bench the first game he only plays five minutes, thats it. I still think management needs reassurance that he won't do it. If he looks them in the eye and says that won't happen, then fine, give him a shot, but if he can't agree to that. Then let him go kill some other team. Hopefully Kurt Thomas will be in his ear and teach him how to be a classy vet, or if not close line him. LOL Come on Tracy show the world that you deserve a second chance, don't turn into Me Mack again. GO BULLS!!!!!

What is the status of Fernandez (Portland) to the Bulls? Or, is there any interest in Sasha Vujacic (sp) from the Lakers? The machine can shoot and is an expiring contract. Korver rarely plays a full season do to injuries and Brewer is not a shooter.

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