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Bulls, Wade to meet for a 2nd time

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With all the focus was on their meeting with LeBron James on Saturday in Cleveland, the Bulls scheduled a second meeting for tonight with Dwyane Wade.

How significant that is remains to be seen, but ESPN is reporting that the shooting guard is leaning towards signing with the Bulls.

That would be the shocker of the free-agent period because it was assumed that Wade, despite being a Chicago native, had little interest in leaving Miami.

We'll see what happens.

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I don't trust D-Wade and his motive behind wanting a second meeting with the Bulls. I think he's trying to sabotage our efforts at signing LeBron, again. The first time was that "the Bulls aren't loyal" junk, which back-fired in his face.

I think Wade is trying to make LeBron (and/or his camp) think that the Bulls are interested in Wade thereby discouraging LeBron from wanting to sign with us because he doesn't want to play with Wade, but against him.

I think Wade is bent on re-signing w/ Miami but he knows if LeBron signs with Chicago, especially with Bosh or Boozer, he won't win another championship in Miami, or anywhere else for that matter.
He trying to trick LeBron into signing anywhere else, because if he does it increases Wade's chance to win in Miami, where he's really planning on staying anyway. The Bulls shouldn't meet with him again. He's up to no good.

Besides, I rather have LeBron than Wade because he's younger, better, hungrier, more versatile and a better fit with Rose & Noah.

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