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Bulls to meet with LeBron on Saturday

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The NBA's free-agent period began at 11:01 p.m. Wednesday, but the Bulls will have to wait a couple of days to speak with LeBron James.

According to sources, the Bulls will have their meeting with James on Saturday in Northeast Ohio. It will be one of the last meetings James holds with teams interested in signing him, but there could be advantages to going last. The Bulls' pitch could be fresher in his mind when he makes his decision on Sunday or Monday.

James has informed teams that he wants to make a decision by Monday at the latest so as not to drag out the process.

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Lebron has had a long time to research this and think about it. Do you really think he hasn't already made up his mind? I'd be shocked to find out this decision isn't already locked in.

People in Cleveland are going crazy today because of the meetings with LeBron. The cops had to bust it up!!

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