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Bulls to meet with Bosh on Friday

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The Bulls were originally scheduled to meet with free agent center/power forward Chris Bosh late Thursday, but the meeting has been pushed back until Friday, according to a source.

Bosh, who is represented by Chicago-based agent Henry Thomas, talked with the Miami Heat on Thursday in Chicago and is scheduled to meet with other teams in town as well.

According to a posting by Bosh on his Twitter page, he talked with four teams -- the Bulls, Heat, Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors -- just after 11:01 p.m. on Wednesday when the free-agent period began.

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Bosh did meet with the Bulls on Thursday, it was on Comcast they showed him with Pax and we even got to see his new dew. It was said to be an informal meeting and it looked like they where going someplace.

The Heat are after Amar'E ahead of Bosh which means Bosh will not be happy about that. The Rockets have no shot and Raptors only want to do a sign and trade. If the Bulls can get Orlando in a three way for Deng the Bulss could land Bosh and James. The Heat will not be able to sign three max players without trading away the only two players they have under contract and nobody wants them.

If James wants to win, be the star of the team and make Jordan like money he comes here, his own sales of his clothing line are not doing that great, come here and you basically have the best marketing team in the NBA, and top grossing NBA franchise in ticket sales. Or you can go to the the Nets and hope too contend 3-4 years from now or the Knicks and never contend. Of course he can go to Miami, but he will never make the endorsment money in Miami that he would in Chicago and Wade owns that town which makes him second fiddle. He can go back to the Cavs their is not a lot they can do to help him win a title and increase his market ability.

You want to make the big bucks then you gotta win the big dance and this is the best place to do it, or he can try being on a three man team in Miami.

Whatever happens the Bulls should grab Bosh and get the low post player they need. LeBron would just be icing on the cake after that.

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