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Bulls still in the market for a guard

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Now that it appears the Bulls won't sign Tracy McGrady, they'll have to look elsewhere to find a fifth guard and 12th man on the roster.

The Bulls have talked with the Portland Trail Blazers about sharpshooter Rudy Fernandez, but the chances of a trade happening don't seem promising, according to a source.

The Bulls' offer of forward James Johnson was rejected and there's really no one else on the roster that makes sense. The Blazers also have reportedly talked to the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks about Fernandez.

The Bulls, who still have nearly $3 million left to spend, likely will turn to free agency to fill the position. They have expressed some interest in Eddie House, Roger Mason and Keith Bogans.

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This is why I hate Kirk was let go.

Sign McGrady and hope for the best.

What do you think the Lakers' were thinking when attempting to get Ron Artest? Would he fit, would he play with Kobe or would he implode and run into the stands at fans.

The Bulls were willing to give Ben Wallace fifty million freaking dollars and we know how that worked out. But not willing to take a chance on McGrady. Give me a break Bulls management! Pull the trigger and get the guy. I'm not even a McGrady fan, but get the guy, there is no other decent players left out there!

I agree. The main issue would be distraction with so many new players on the team. I would take the risk and do what Sam Smith from suggested. Offer McGrady an unguaranteed, 1 year contract and sit him on reserve for the first three months while he gets back in shape. If he doesn't take that, then he really doesn't want to put the team first. Also I feel the Bulls should have offered Jame Johnson, a future first round pick, and cash considerations for Rudy. That is the one guy I would put a bulleye on the back of. Hell I would honestly deal Deng for Rudy +two other guys. I heard they were wanting to deal Pryz as well. That could work out well. Deng is hard-nosed but he's lost a lot of explosiveness and willingness to go to the cup. He settles for too many fade aways that drop none too often.

12th man...isnt that mr. irrelavent in basketball, yet the bulls are looking to trade for a guard when there are 3 possible shooters out there willing to sign. the FO is makjng scratch my head, sign tmac or house and call it a day...

I disagree. Ron Artest as still a good player that didn't have the surgeries McGrady had he was just a head case. McGrady is done and if you listen to his comments he is too cocky to really accept a backup role. If he was still any good he would have already been signed not running from team to team begging for a contract.

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