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Bulls not completely sold on McGrady yet

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During his workout Monday at the Berto Center, Tracy McGrady showed he has made physical progress since last season and is capable of being a contributor to the Bulls next season, according to a source.

But despite the seven-time All-Star being physically able to fill the secondary bench role the team is looking for, the Bulls' brass isn't yet convinced McGrady will be a good fit after meeting with him following the workout the source said.

Before sitting down with management and coach Tom Thibodeau, McGrady spoke with reporters and addressed the issue of whether a veteran two time scoring champion works as a bench player on a young team. He sounded as if his joining the Bulls was a foregone conclusion.

"I fit in well," he said. "I just bring what I know about the game and my athleticism, and my versatility, knowing my smarts for the game, my leadership, just everything I can add to help these guys get over the edge."

While McGrady vows not to make waves, he's confident he can perform well enough in training camp to earn a starting job - which could be the issue giving the Bulls pause.
"Without me, without [Carlos] Boozer, they're a .500 ball club," McGrady said. "And with the guys that they added, if they add me, I think we'll be 30 points better. I think we'll be a better defensive team with Thibodeau, who I played with for three years.

"So [the Bulls] have a really good chance of being good. The city should be excited about this team."

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1 Comment

Amazing comment by McGrady, that without him and Boozer the Bulls are a .500 club. It shows that he's not ready to be a supporting player. Take a pass on His Arrogance.

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