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LeBron to make free-agent tour

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Anyone who expected LeBron James to announce on July 1 where he will play next season better think again. Things could drag for a while.

According to multiple media reports, James plans to make a tour when the free-agent period begins where he will visit the prospective cities and let them wine and dine him, so to speak.

The tour is expected to begin in New York with the Knicks followed by a short trip across the Hudson River to visit with the New Jersey Nets. From there, it's on to Chicago for a meeting with the Bulls. Other possible stops are Miami and Los Angeles (Clippers).

Regardless of how many stops are made, the tour will conclude in Cleveland where the Cavaliers will get an opportunity to make their pitch to keep James exactly where he is.

Whatever happens, it's a certainty the tour will become a spectacle.

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Nike spokesperson already said they won't do any shoes for the city's and haven't heard of this.

The LeBron tour will end in Cleveland so he can pack his bags and move to Chicago!

Understand what this is about. It is a corporation getting free publicity. Lebron James corp. The more I see it in this light, the more I am convinced. Lebron and co see this as a way of making his brand the biggest ever. Tiger Woods corp has taken a big hit. Who (What) will fill its place? You guessed it. I am a bulls fan but I am not sure that I want him to come to Chicago. Along with the talent comes the special privileges. Is he a winner? Time will tell.

just goes to show you what an egomaniac he is !!!!

Hopefully PaxGar will have signed Bosh or Johnson by the time

Lebron comes to town. Even Lebron's free agent tour schedule

indicates the stars have aligned perfectly to sign Lebron.

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