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Bulls consider draft-day moves

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The Bulls have the 17th pick in the NBA draft, but they are considering possibly packaging the pick with a player -- Luol Deng or Kirk Hinrich -- to clear even more space for the upcoming free-agent spending spree.

The odds of the Bulls actually swinging a deal appear remote because it will be difficult to find a team willing to take on the big contract of Deng or Hinrich, but they will explore all possibilities.

The Bulls have talked with the Los Angeles Clippers about a deal that would send the 17th pick and Deng West for the 8th pick. The Clippers have the cap space to back the deal and they need a small forward, but whether they'd be willing to pull the trigger is the issue.

Even if the Bulls are unable to make a trade, they are well positioned for free agency. They can add two mega free agents -- as long as one of the players is acquired in a sign-and-trade deal.

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No deal on draft day, especially if it involves loosing Deng. There is a much better chance that the Bulls can pull off a sign and trade deal for one of the coveted free agents after July 1st. This is only after the straight up sign one of the other free agents and use that as a draw for others. Possibly Bosh as a free agent and trade for Lebron.

Looks like Hinrich is heading to Washington to clear up more cap space for the Summer of Lebron. Can the Suntimes confirm?

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