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Who's better: MJ or LeBron? Del Negro answers

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On the eve of LeBron James playing his first playoff game in the United Center (the house that his idol, Michael Jordan, built) current Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro was asked who is better: Jordan or James?

"They're different," Del Negro said. "That's an impossible thing to answer, obviously. Michael, right now, because of his legacy and what he did in the game, to evolve the game.

"I'm not a big guy in comparing guys just because I don't think it's fair. I think to compare anybody to Michael right now is not fair just because of the MVPs and championships, all the things he's accomplished.

"And LeBron's at a stage where he's only 25. He has a long career left. Staying healthy and being consistent and all of those things will determine [his legacy]."

Later, in discussing James' 40-point effort on 16-for-23 shooting in Game 2 despite good defense from the Bulls, Del Negro sort of compared James to Jordan.

"The people in Chicago know," Del Negro said. "You had a guy here that was pretty good for a long time that wore 23. You know how that is. You can have all the great defenses you want, but some guys just can make plays over the top of you whether you bring one, two or three guys.

"So we're just gonna have to get into him, make it as hard as possible and just be effective in the areas we need to be."

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I hope we don't have to see if LeBron takes a year off to see if he can hit a curve ball, or catch ally oops in the NFL...

i think ur a stupid retard because im the best of them all.

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