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Should Del Negro return? You decide

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At this point, it doesn't appear that Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro will be back this season, regardless of what the Bulls do in the playoffs.

But on the eve of the first-round series with the Cleveland Cavaliers beginning, we wanted to get your input:

Should Del Negro return for a third season or should he be fired?

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if tha bulls have a successuful playoff run {upset tha cavs or 7 game series} he should get another chance with another star with D.Rose, and see how that next season goes. You jus never know if he gets a fair shot

I feel like I'd be repeating the dozens of articles I've read lately highlighting the good (and bad) things that Vinny has done for the Bulls if I supported my statement. I think Vinny should stay for next season. (Onwards with the repeating)...VDN is in his second year of being head coach of an NBA team, and what has he produced? Well two playoff appearances (albeit not teams that are contenders for the title) and the development of Derrick Rose from Rookie of the year to All Star. I'm aware that that was not solely or maybe even remotely Vinny's doing, but I'm sure his coaching methods and assertive behavior didn't hurt. Next, the rise of Joakim into the teams emotional leader. Again, as with Derrick, this might have nothing to do directly with Vinny, but he has brought the team to two playoffs while having to coordinate a team stricken with injuries. Sure the Raptors basically handed the Bulls the 8th seed, but the teams play when all are healthy (and this isn't a very deep team) is if not great, at least inspiring. I'm not saying that "inspiring" will win championships, but showing the head coach some support and giving his plan some follow-through (and the acquisition of some great players this offseason) will, in my opinion, lead to a title-contending team. If not for next season, for the one after. The Bulls are young, Vinny is a young coach. I say, let them turn their "adolescent" spark into mature greatness. So yeah, basically, I'd keep Vinny. GO BULLS.


ABSOLUTELY. To get a relatively average, injury-laden team like this, without Ben Gordon or John Salmons, to the playoffs 2 years in a row is a big deal.

He`s had success developing young talent Derrick, Joquim,Taj), The players play hard for him, and 2 for 2 getting in the playoffs. He´s handled the pressure of the fans and media as well as anyone could. What has he done that´s so bad? Keep him, he`s earned it.

I don't know why he would want to stay with those wackos in the front office, but it would be in the Bulls best interest for VDN to be the coach next year. The Bulls have a good core of young players that would be with Vinnie's coaching staff for a third straight year. Add one of the studs available from this year's free agency and Vinnie will find a way to make this team one of the top four in the east next year.

Yes, Del Negro should be back-Paxson needs to find another line of work. Del Negro has done an excellent job coaching through injuries and very little support from his own front office. He's a winner.

They should keep him another year.if theh dont they might hsave to learn a nwe system and i thinnk this would hurt D Rose J Noah and it might effect the signing of a big free agent so Pax one more year

I am not going to get into the dynamnics of weak egos, false pride and alledgely testorone chest thumping between management and coaches.

From my perspective, Vinny has taken what was given to him and made the playoffs. That is the purpose of coaching and playing the game.

Will the Bulls go far in the playoffs? I will not put that type of pressure on a team I know management has messed up since the days of Michael Jordan and spent money on free agents who were not worth it or let go of their own free agents who could possibly take us deep into the playoffs.

ing going to enjoy watch Noah run Shaq raggedely!! And when he is out of breath, send Brad Miller in to bang the rest of the energy out of him. LeBron James is a Superstar, I expect him to get his points!

I expect D. Rose, Captian Kirk and Taj Gibson to run the floor like wild men. I expect Warrick to play good 'D' and get out on the fast break and score.

In other words, I expect Vinny to be given another year with these new players, instead of constantly changing the lineup yearly and expecting the the team to go deep into the playoffs when the team is starting to jell a little.

If management cannot take a poke in the chest, MAYBE SOME OF THEM, need to be FIRED!!! Maybe that is a wakeup call to attain a few better players and quit firing the coach!!

Go Bulls!!

Unfortunately, VDN is toast. He's been dealt a really tough hand with all the injuries and still managed to get the team to the playoffs for a second year in a row. Despite the accomplishment, the perception that he is not a marquee coach, he's going to get the shaft from Pax. Ulimately, Pax is the real issue. Unfortunately, Reinsdorf is going show loyalty to Pax and not VDN. If Pax and Reinsdorf would have supported Skiles and told the players who were tuning Skiles out at the time that hes the coach, we would not be in this predicament. Just imagine who much further along Rose and Noah would be with Skiles vs VDN. Sorry Vinnie, you have done an admirable job but you are way over your head.

Let him finish out his last year with a superstar or two and view his results then because he's done a fair job with what he's had.If he produces better results with a better bulls roster up his pay and let him grow with our young roster but the key is not vinny cause he's alright it's a better roster so get him,rose and noah more help and watch what happen,chicago fans have waited on lovie and jerry to be removed for years and they earned it so whats another year with someone who has been balanced with a lottery roster!KEEP THE MAN

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