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Noah calls out Boston's Garnett

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CLEVELAND -- Some players get so wrapped up in their own playoff series, they essentially ignore all the other series around the NBA, but not Bulls center Joakim Noah.

After the Bulls' Game 1 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, Noah said he watched the other three Game 1s later that day and had some interesting commentary on the heated (no pun intended) game between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

"That was unbelievable yesterday, that Boston-Miami game," Noah said Sunday following the Bulls' workout at Quicken Loans Arena. "He's unbelievable, that guy. I'm gonna say it: He's a dirty player, man. That's messed up."

The dirty player in question is Boston's Kevin Garnett, who was ejected for hitting Miami' Quentin Richardson with an elbow during a stoppage. After his unsolicited condemnation of Garnett, Noah was asked if the Celtics All-Star should be suspended for Game 2.

"I don't make the decisions, but he's always swinging elbows, man," Noah said. "I'm hurting right now because of an elbow he threw. It's unbelievable, man. He's a dirty player. I mean, it's one thing to be competitive and compete and all that, but don't be a dirty player. He's a dirty player.

"He knows what he's doing it's wrong. And then afterward he says ... I shouldn't even be talking about this stuff. It's crazy."

Uh, too late for that.

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Garnett is a dirty instigator. He cusses the most, he talks the most & he doesn't have the game to back it up anymore.

Bull from a Bull.

John, you didn't have to post Noah's comments on the situation either.

Uh, too late for that!

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