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Del Negro wants more calls

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It's not the sort of comment that's going to draw the attention - and wrath - of the NBA office, but Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro planted the seed that he hopes to get more calls in Game 3 of the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers now that the scene of the series has shifted to the United Center.

"We've got to get to the free-throw line more," he said. "We have to get some calls. The aggressor usually gets calls and, hopefully, that will be the case. We have to somehow stay away from Shaquille [O'Neal]'s elbows, you know, get our heads out of the way of those elbows.

"Shaquille is, obviously, difficult to ref against and play against just because of his size and where his elbows are coming from. The refs just need to be cautious of that and, hopefully, we'll get some calls going our way on that and be aggressive going to the basket. If you keep doing that, hopefully, eventually things will go your way."

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really? the two ridiculous calls at the end of the game that went his way (lebron charge and no-call on Noah), handing him a victory aren't enough for him, huh?

Confused: You forgot the 10 calls that went the Cavs' way before those two.

confused, you gotta be a Cavs fan! Ha Ha Ha Ha

The Bull's victory was earned! Get over it! And watch the Bulls beat the Cavs on Sunday!

An NO attending church services before tip-off and praying for a victory!

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