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Bulls deny daring LeBron to shoot

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Apparently another thing LeBron James has in common with Michael Jordan is the ability to invent things to motivate him.

Following his torrid 16-for-23 shooting display in Game 2, the Cleveland Cavaliers star said he was egged on by the Bulls' bench.

"They were talking the whole game," James said. "Every time I caught the ball over there [by the Bulls' bench], they were daring me to shoot the ball, telling me that I couldn't shoot or 'You can't make jump shots, so take the shot.' So that's what I did."

Great story. Except, the Bulls say it never happened.

"I have a lot of respect for LeBron and think he's a great player," Bulls guard Jannero Pargo said. "But there was no one telling him to shoot. We were talking to our guys, like Luol [Deng], telling them to get up on [James]."

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This series is over, trade Noah! He needs to stop whining and admit LeBron is great!

Noah has no reason to be jealous of any player!

Go create another fallacy to make yourself happy!

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