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Plane trouble grounds Bulls

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As if the Bulls didn't have enough problems, their trip to Philadelphia following Friday night's 92-85 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the United Center was delayed at least two hours.

The airplane the Bulls were supposed to take had mechanical issues, so they had to wait for a substitute.

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Another pie-in-the-face for the "LaughaBulls" !! I see no one is even bothering to post on this blog anymore, at least the Bears are trying to right the ship. Mr. Reinsdorf must be far too concerned with his White Sox to see what a train wreck his Bulls are. A soft bunch of under acheivers who allow another teams "thug" to toss their only all-star around like a rag-doll TWICE, and do nothing. Not a hard foul in retaliation,not a shove to let him know the Bulls will not tolerate this type of play. No, the Bulls put their tail between their legs and cower away like little B##ch's, like they did against the Celtics in last years playoffs.Don't worry Vinnie, this team of PU##IES won't make it to the playoffs this year , so you won't be embarrassed on national TV again !!

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