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Rose out with bruised right hip

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Derrick Rose suffered a bruised right hip early in the game Wednesday night when he was fouled by Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic and crashed hard to the court.

On the play, Rose drove to the basket and was met by Howard. Rose made the basket, but the contact got him off-balance and he tumbled to the court without being able to brace himself much and landed on his hip and lower back.

He stayed down on the court for a while. After a timeout, he went to the free-throw line to complete the three-point play with 9:36 left in the first quarter. The Bulls then committed a foul as soon as the Magic inbounded the ball so they could get Rose out immediately.

Later in the first quarter, the Bulls announced Rose would not return.

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How many games is he out for?

How come Tyrus didn't get angry and curse Dwight Howard like he did Vinny? Okay, okay, I am only joking people.

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