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Salmons, Miller miss shootaround

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John Salmons arrived in Los Angeles Tuesday night, but is still bothered by a stomach virus and didn't attend the Bulls' shootaround this morning. Whether Salmons is able to go tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers will be determined shortly before game time.

"He still sick, trying to get his energy back, trying to get some food in him," coach Vinny Del Negro said of Salmons. "It's that process of getting your energy back.

"We'll see how he feels at game time. If he's strong enough and he thinks he can go, we'll try and get him some minutes. It'll depend on his energy and how he feels. If he's still having the issues he had [Tuesday] and [Monday], then he won't play."

Miller didn't attend shootaround as well because he wasn't feeling well. His status for tonight is uncertain at this point and it's also unclear whether he's suffering from the same ailment that affected Salmons and Kirk Hinrich.

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Amen to Mark Potash! You guys gotta read his column on the Bulls today. It's about time an actual writer echoed the same sentiments that I have been calling out about these excusa-bulls for years! This is what I've always said about J.R. and company brainwashing the casual fans as the master spin doctors of excuses after excuses. Thank you, Mark. Job well done on the column and the photographs.


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